Case Study: How New York’s Lincoln Center Runs Virtual Fundraisers with Zoom and zkipster

The Lincoln Center special events team successfully charts a path forward in creating engaging virtual experiences leveraging the zkipster guest management platform and its powerful and easy to use plug-and-play integration with Zoom.



Challenge: Host a virtual gala with 29 tables and guarantee a flawless guest experience

The Lincoln Center’s team faced a nuanced set of challenges that their guest management platform needed to solve:

  • In absence of in-real-life events, the special events team at Lincoln Center wanted to bring their community together, support artists in their network, and offer a personalized donor experience.
  • The Lincoln Center team conceptualized a complex virtual gala with 29 virtual tables to host a one hour event on each of them, assign an artist per table, and ask supporters to invite friends and family to join them.
  • Lincoln Center wanted to send on-brand, customized email invitations, ensure registration was private and secure, track RSVPs with zkipster, collect payments with their inhouse portal 1ShoppingCart, and use Zoom to enable the gala virtually.
  • Lincoln Center needed a solution to manage virtual table allocation, capture new contacts, manage guest registration, and distribute custom links to join via Zoom.


Email header of the event invitation.


Solution: A powerful ensemble of different features from zkipster and Zoom


Lincoln Center creates an event in zkipster, designs an email campaign with the plug and play Zoom integration and links it to the shared table function.

When a new guest registers, they get added to their pre-assigned table in the zkipster seating feature and sent a personalized confirmation link to Zoom.

Prior to the gala, guests receive a reminder email from zkipster with a link to the Zoom Meeting that prompts them to join the host, artist and guests at their table.

A post-event report includes guest RSVPs, their virtual check-ins, a seating chart PDFs with final table allocation including shows and no-shows.


The zkipster email invitation builder with the plug-and-play Zoom connector
The shared table function in the zkipster backend


Making the jump from live to virtual has been seamless with zkipster, and we’re excited about new opportunities we have for flexible event formats.




The shared tables function on the Zoom frontend


Next steps for Lincoln Center

For their Fall events, Lincoln Center will finetune their virtual workflows and explore zkipster’s new session management feature to optimize virtual table allocation further. And they are looking into integrating zkipster with their main client database to ensure that all live, hybrid, and virtual event signals funnel into one place.