Case Study: How technology rental firm Futurdata uses zkipster to deliver innovative, holistic event management solutions

A holistic approach: from renting technology to digital event management

Events worldwide often depend on service providers to deliver essential technological hardware; from tablets for check-in and computers or printers for running backstage operations to VR equipment for delivering innovative high-end content. But for an event to run seamlessly, hardware and software must work hand-in-hand.

Futurdata is setting new industry standards as Portugal’s most innovative event technology rental firm. Using zkipster has enabled the company to marry its offering of hardware and software and provide seamless digital event management across the Iberian Peninsula.

For many years zkipster has helped power Futurdata’s offering and drive the company’s growth and innovation. Combining hardware and software sets Futurdata apart from others in market, creating a unique, holistic product offering for the event management industry.

We have been using zkipster for many years, but since 2018 we have founded our business strategy on the technology, merging hardware and software services. Often our clients are enthusiastic about solving many challenges at once.


Rapid, contactless QR code check-in with zkipster’s app and Futurdata’s hardware. Video courtesy of Futurdata

Many event operators who approach technology rental firms to provide devices for improving basic event processes, such as iPads for check-in or seating management, have never used a digital event management platform before. Futurdata’s holistic solution, in which hardware is combined with an app that manages these (and many more) tasks digitally, has convinced hundreds of event operators of the benefits of using digital tools to manage their events. Aided by zkipster’s simple yet powerful event tools, many players in the local event industry have accelerated the move towards digitization and unlocked new opportunities for optimization:

  • Saving time
  • Increasing data insights
  • Heightening safety and security standards
  • Improving the guest experience

Digital registration and email invitations

Because every event actually begins long before the guests start arriving, Futurdata offers zkipster’s digital invitation and registration management tools to its clients. By managing their events digitally from the moment invitations are sent out, event operators can take a connected approach to their events.

Digital event check-in

Using Futurdata’s hardware in combination with zkipster’s software means that every client’s event check-in is free from disruption, and ensures that a potentially tricky bottleneck is seamless and frictionless.

Photo courtesy of Futurdata

QR codes

QR codes are pointless without devices to scan them, right? Using zkipster’s QR code scanner function with easy-to-use hardware like iPads and Android tablets allows event planners and their on-site door hosts to increase check-in speed, safety, and accuracy. With zkipster, hosts can generate unique QR codes for every guest and issue them in confirmation emails as part of the invitation process. The codes can then be used to check in for events and sessions quickly and securely. Read our ultimate guide to QR codes for events here.

Seating management

Live seating plans are integral to seated events, as last-minute changes to guest lists, table plans or protocols require staff to react immediately. Using zkipster’s seating management feature on Futurdata’s iPads equips staff with a real-time digital seating tool, reducing errors, saving time, and improving the guest experience.  

Creating and printing event accreditation with zkipster’s app and Futurdata’s hardware. Video courtesy of Futurdata

I am extremely happy with the zkipster support team. Whenever we have a question, someone is there to help beyond what we expected.


zkipster’s vision and values are aligned with Futurdata’s own corporate values of trust, simplicity, availability and innovation. Our performance-driven approach, high data security standards, and focus on easy execution have strengthened Futurdata’s offering. With our constantly evolving toolkit of innovative features and scalable technology, zkipster has empowered Futurdata to guarantee availability and provide the highest level of innovation to Portugal’s event industry.

As the Futurdata Case Study shows:

  • zkipster can upgrade event management for innovative service providers as well as event operators
  • zkipster is dedicated to supporting every kind of user
  • zkipster empowers innovative companies to grow, and drives digitization for countless others

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Photo courtesy of Futurdata